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Eat - Sleep - Combat archery

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Not only is combat archery fun, it requires teamwork and strategy. making it the perfect next office party!
No experience or equipment is required. Men and Women have an equal chance of competing.

Motivate your team with a exciting game at combat archery adventures.
Just getting to be compete with co-workers is already a change of pace, now add bows and arrows and let the fun begin! combat archery is a unique experience that requires critical thinking, reaction and teamwork.


The following game options are available:
Combat Archery (recommended age range of 7+)
Nerf Warz (recommended age range of 4-8)

Large Corporate Outing

2 Hours
$ 300
  • Our 2 Hour Large Corporate Party allows for up to 12 players.
  • This package gives you a private referee and access to private fields for private play for a 2 hour period without the worry of playing with other experienced guests.
  • Additional players over 12 are only $25.00 each.
  • *Nerf Warz also Available
  • *can be booked during non regular hours

Large Corporate Outing

3 hours
$ 540
  • All Day Large parties get the best of both worlds, all the discounts as well as all the extras.
  • When your reserve for 24 or more players, this package gives you 3 hour access to the facility, a private referee, access to private table area.
  • Additional players over 24 are only $22.50 each.
  • *Nerf Warz also Available
  • *can be booked during non regular hours


GROUP and Corporate rates available

* prices subject to change with out notice

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